Create passionately With openness

Much like the ocean and its waves, I create change passionately and with openness. Why? Because I believe that passion and an open mind are key to growth and sustainability. 

So, what am I passionate about? I am passionate about people as assets, not resources. People are the backbone of organizations and, therefore, can determine whether your organization thrives or meets its demise. When HR flexes its muscles as a strategic business partner to the organization and its people, true magic is born.


What do I create? I create new ways of thinking about systems, processes, and their intersections with stakeholders. With my Anthropology background, I view the world of work through a unique lens that allows me to see realized and unrealized greatness to fill gaps and drive productivity. As a 911 dispatcher for over 3 years, I create calm out of chaos and structures where there were not any. I move agilely among uncertainty and navigate stormy seas with ease. 

Why openness? Openness has allowed me to learn, unlearn, and grow in various facets of my life. I lead with openness because it ensures I never become stagnant and continue to make waves of change for a better future of work and HR. 


  • Change Management Specialist, Management & Strategy Institute 

  • Design Thinking, HRCI 


  • M.S. Human Resource Management, SNHU, 3.92 GPA

  • B.A. Anthropology, Smith College


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