Welcome To The Nontraditional Way

If you've been following my journey so far, you know that my career journey has been anything from traditional. I'll admit that for the longest time, I let this define and confine me. I didn't feel HR enough or that I could truly speak on the discipline.

But here's what I realized: I have always been nontraditional, and now is the time to own it.

So welcome to The Nontraditional Way Blog, where I will continue to share my personal and career journey that didn't follow the "beaten path."


To help others, like me, understand that there truly is no right path. Your path is your own, and it is special.

Let's stop being a trail walker and instead, be a trailblazer!

The world needs you, and I hope you'll stick around for some career and life lessons, the nontraditional way.

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