"I Feel So Lost!"

Four words that haunted me for several years.

By all accounts, I shouldn't have felt this way.

In fact, from the outside looking in, I had made it.

I was the daughter of a single mom who had me at 19. I was a first-generation college graduate with a bachelor's degree and a high-paying job. I was successful.

But I couldn't escape the gnawing feeling in my stomach that I wasn't where I was supposed to be. Yet, every time I would look at avenues out, I would feel fear. And the fear was strong.

I had thoughts like:

"I already put in 3 years to this job. Why waste my time?"

"I barely made it out of Smith College unscathed. Do I really think graduate school is a good idea?"

"I am making good money. What if I fail?"

"What would they think?"

I had an internal tug-a-war with these thoughts for over 3 years. But one day in August of 2018, I realized something: enough is enough.

I was letting fear rule my entire being—the fear of failure, embarrassment, disappointing family, and shame.

Fear was getting me nowhere. Fast. In reality, fear was cementing to this never-ending loop of ' I am so lost.'

It was time to untether myself from fear and step out of this loop.

Two months later, I applied and enrolled in SNHU's online MS in Human Resource Management.

And my love of HR and business was born.

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